Canine Teeth Cleaning

There are different ways to perform dog teeth cleaning. Dogs teeth are a lot like ours, and if you brush them every day, they shouldn’t have many problems. They sell a lot of different types of tooth brushes for dogs, just like they do for humans.

It may take your dog awhile to get used to you cleaning/brushing their teeth, but after awhile it will just become a habit and they will not fight it anymore. If you’ve ever examined your dogs teeth, and you see red or swollen gums, tartar build up or stains, or even a cracked tooth, then you know something is wrong.

At this point in time, you should take your dog to the vet to get their teeth cleaned. Getting a dog teeth cleaning at the vet for your dog usually costs between $70-$350 depending on the procedure. When a vet sees that a dog’s teeth have a lot of tartar build up, they suggest a method called teeth scaling.

Teeth scaling can be very dangerous because it requires the dog to go under anesthetic. This is even more dangerous in older dogs, and they seem to have more problems with it. General anesthetic for dogs is a lot more dangerous than for humans and the death rate is a lot higher for dogs. It is much easier to keep the tartar from building up by brushing your dog’s teeth.

There are a lot of different kinds of dog toothpastes that you can use, and some places even offer a dog teeth cleaning gel which is said to prevent tartar build up, and they flavor the gel so that the dog will like it. Dogs teeth are a lot like human’s teeth, as mentioned before. If you brush your teeth 3-4 times a day, you are going to prevent build up and cavities.

If you brush your dog’s teeth for about 30 minutes a day, total, you are going to prevent the same things. No one wants to see their dog in pain, or have something happen to them, so when it comes to their teeth, brushing them is the best way to go, even if they don’t like it all that much.

Wouldn’t you rather brush your teeth then go to the dentist and have a procedure? I’m sure your dog would rather have you clean their teeth then go to the vet for dog teeth cleaning.

Article by Steve Weber

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